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House rules

HOUSE RULES jazzopen stuttgart

§ 1

These house rules apply to the entire jazzopen festival site and the associated areas.

§ 2

The aim of the house rules is to prevent danger or harm to people, to ensure that events run smoothly and to protect the festival grounds from damage and contamination.

§ 3

People who are under the influence of alcohol can be excluded from taking part in events. Note: Please note that due to safety regulations, you are only permitted to bring drinks (only non-alcoholic) with you in a Tetra Pak up to a maximum of 0.5 liter containers per person. It is prohibited to take larger packaging units (over 0.5l) as well as bulky items, glass, PET or cans.

§ 4

It is not permitted

1. to enter the site without a valid admission ticket or other authorization; authorization can only be granted by the organizer or the site management. Violators will be prosecuted.

2. with seat cards, to take a seat other than the designated one,

3. stay in the entrances and staircases to the spectator seats,

4. to stand on the chairs and benches, 5. to enter areas and rooms not intended for the general public,

6. to drive on the premises with vehicles of all kinds without special permission and to park them in unauthorized places

7. to remove, climb over or climb structures and other facilities,

8. bringing dangerous, bulky objects or objects suitable as projectiles onto the premises, such as carrying and using glass and PET bottles, tetra packs over 0.5 l, cans, weapons, umbrellas, flagpoles, blankets and gas pressure bottles of any kind,

9. to carry, burn or shoot fireworks, sparklers and pyrotechnic articles of any kind, as well as to light fires,

10. Backpacks from a size of 30cm x 30cm, bags (except women's handbags up to a size of 30cm x 30cm), strollers, bulky picnic baskets and bulky cooler bags, ladders, as well as your own seating of any kind, boxes and similar items to take into the event location,

11. throwing objects onto the stage or into the audience,

12. to defecate outside the toilets or to soil the area in any other way and to bring suitable objects with you for this purpose, such as confetti, scraps of paper and paper rolls,

13. Bringing animals into the venue

14. to label, paint and stick on structural and other facilities (especially paths),

15. Making film, video and sound recordings without the permission of the organizer. However, we have nothing against visitors carrying a smartphone or a so-called pocket camera with them to take a souvenir photo of their concert visit. Cameras with interchangeable lenses are generally NOT permitted! Photo accreditations are intended exclusively for the reviewing press.

§ 5

The instructions of the security service must be followed. A violation of these house rules can be punished by expulsion from the jazzopen, without compensation for the admission ticket and/or a ban on entering the premises. The security service is entitled to issue and enforce the reprimand or ban on the premises on behalf of the operator/organizer. The general legal regulations, in particular those relating to the protection of life, physical integrity and public safety and order, remain unaffected.

§ 6

Children under 3 years of age are not permitted access to the event site. Children between the ages of 3 and 13 are only allowed to attend the concerts when accompanied by a guardian or guardian. With parental permission, young people between the ages of 14 and 17 are permitted to attend concerts until midnight without being accompanied by a legal guardian. Children between 3 and 6 years of age receive free entry without the need for a seat. Furthermore, the Youth Protection Act applies.